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Kelli Uphaus


Hello and welcome!


My name is Kelli! I have had the pleasure of working in the style industry for more than 19 years.


Throughout my career I have enjoyed working on stage and behind the scenes in hair shows for major color companies, back stage of NYC Fashion Week for top labels and in salons across the country educating stylists in color, cutting and up styling.


I have always carried a deep passion for working in all aspects of my industry but my greatest passion of all is working behind the chair with my guests! 

I love having the ability to focus solely on my guest while getting to know each persons uniquely individual personality and style, that is my main focus. Your time with me is 100% your time, I never schedule more than one guest at a time. 

After working both in corporate and privately owned large salons throughout my career, I decided to make my own path in a more intimate studio setting without the loud ringing phones and loud conversations of larger traditional salons. 

With my friend and partner, Janell Kimberly,

we decided to cultivated a space of calm and quiet in a Stylist Cooperative setting.

We like to call our little haven the 'Rogue Studio' because it's slightly different from other noisy salons and tiny windowless suites. We are a small team of Independent Artists with the common goal of a clean, happy and calm space to provide our individual style of customer service, to you, our guests!

Rogue Studio invites you, your friends and family to join us in "Going Rogue"!

I look forward to your time spent with me!


Please Text Kelli

(734) 325-4757

To book your appointment with her today!

Please Note* My schedule books at least 4-6 weeks in advance. Last minute/ Week of appointments are not usually available but it never hurts to enquire!

Link to Jannell's page

Link to Lili's page


Located in Dexter MI 




3238 Broad Street, Suite 102
​Dexter MI 48130


Tel: 734-325-4757


Please Note* My schedule books at least 4-6 weeks in advance. Last minute/ Week of appointments are not usually available but it never hurts to text and see!

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